SMT Pallet / รับทำ SMT Pallet, SMT Carrier

    Surface Mount Carriers support and protect PCBs through the entire surface mount process. Surface Mount carriers streamline and simplify the SMT process which decreases setup time, reduces handling, and improves soldering quality in the reflow oven


 Key Feature

  • Flush-mounted holddowns with push-pull mechanisms hold PCBs in place without operator intervention while remaining flush with the PCB to eliminate interference with the screen printing stencil
  • Tooling Pins hold PCBs securely in place to improve alignment and increase repeatability
  • Custom Edge Steps are designed to work with any conveyer system
    Our SMT carriers are custom designed to distribute temperatures evenly across the PCB during reflow, minimizing thermal impact
  • SMTs minimize hand soldering by protecting heat sensitive components through the secondary reflow process